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A signature style has made the music instantly recognizable, and extremely popular. The goal is to create music that speaks to the living experience across a variety of sounds. Check out the site to find out more about Akete and to hear some of their latest and greatest music. 


If you were to ask Akete (A.K.A. Té), when he first became involved in music, a probable answer from the affable multi-instrumentalist/mc and producer would be a questioning “in utero?”.. Likely, because his vocalist
mother performed regularly up until a week before his birth. From there he was inspired to follow this new path of discovery, teaching himself how to play the bass, guitar, piano and drums along the way. Uninterested in the
boundaries drawn around genres of music, Té became dedicated to exploring the endless
possibilities of different sonic textures, shaping himself into an artist with expansive vision and
depth. Whether it's the angst-y experiments of his Dragonstyle outfit or the hard bop edge of his jazz unit, potent lyricism or groovy production, Akete’s output is distinctive to his own unique aesthetic.

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